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Co-curricular activities are conducted during the school hours within the allocated two periods for hobbies/co-curricular activities. Activities such as literary, art, music, dance, oratory and many more are organized. These activities are such that majority of the students participate. Support in the form of training, supervision and guidance is provided by the teachers.
Functions involving the whole school happen during the special morning assembly or allocated co-curricular activity periods, to celebrate special days and festivals. Morning assemblies, various competitions and other activities have been scheduled throughout the year that provides opportunities to the children to exhibit their talents.


House System: The house system forms an integral part of the school. The school is divided into groups for formation of houses. The four houses are-
1. Gifted Geniuses-Red color
2. Worthy Wizards-Green color
3. Power Prodigies-Blue color
4. Mighty Maestro-Yellow color

Allotment of the houses-
Each child is allotted a house on the day of admission in the institution. Once a child joins a house, he/she remains in the same house.Colours are specified for each house.

We strive to achieve the following objectives through the house system.
1. To help the students in developing their personality.
2. To develop the spirit of healthy competition among the students.
3. To inculcate self confidence.
4. To inculcate the sense of responsibility to take the tasks and duties assigned honestly and earnestly.
5. To develop the sense of belongingness.
6. To create a desire to live in harmony.
7. To benefit from the right example set by others and to set similar example for others.
8. To develop leadership quality among the students.

Inter House Activities - (Session 2019 - 20)
Overall House Activities Incharge - Activity Incharge
Date Day Event Groups
24.04.2019 Wed Science Quiz III-V, VI-XII
24.07.2019 Wed English Skit III-V, VI-VIII
14.08.2019 Wed Mock Parliament IX-X
15.08.2019 Thurs Group Dance (Patriotic) III-V
16.08.2019 Fri News Reading VI-VIII
18.09.2019 Wed Nukad Natak VI-XII
06.11.2019 Wed Math Quiz III-V, VI-X
30.01.2020 Thurs Bhajan Competition V-VIII


Club System: The main objective is to create a recreational and consolidating opportunity for students. It leads to overall development of students; participation in a wide range of extra-curricular, social and community development activities is encouraged. Club activities broaden the child’ horizons, both socially and in the particular field. It provides them an opportunity to interact with peers who share common interests. Clubs often combine both recreational and educational factors and help to keep children active and interested in learning. The main objectives are:

• Give vent to students' creative talents.
• Provide encouraging atmosphere for Students to express personal views about whatever they choose.
• Enhance students learning opportunities
• Set new horizons for Students learning English through the media they daily use.
• Engage them in cooperative tasks.
• Envelope their awareness of themselves as individuals with special different talents and capacities.
• Maximize student’s exposure to authentic English through media, books.
• Trigger their active involvement in learning and school life.

1. Dance Club
2. Football Club
3. Taekwondo Club
4. Music Club
5. Abacus Club
6. Chess & Carom Club
7. Health & Wellness Club
8. Heritage Club
9. Eco Club
10. Literary Club
11. Maths & Science Club
12. Art & Craft Club

“Leadership & learning are indispensable to each other.”The Student Council is responsible for the following:

• Monitoring the cleanliness and maintenance of the class rooms.
• Ensuring the correct use and maintenance of sports equipment and facilities.
• Checking the uniforms of the students.
• Motivating students to communicate in English.
• Keeping a check on the behaviour and mannerism among the students.
• The Student Council aims to build a sense of community and strength, to nurture responsibility and collaborative attitude.
• The Council consists of a Head boy/ Head girl followed by Vice Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Sports Captain, Eco Head, Literary Head, Discipline Head, and House Captains. The Student Council works hand in hand with the teachers to maintain the School’s decorum. The Council Members carry out their responsibilities diligently and take pride in rendering the following duties:
1. Abide by the rules and regulations of the school
2. Maintain highest order of discipline
3. Look after school property
4. Contribute towards the overall development of the school

Special Assembly

Special assemblies are organized in the school to celebrate the festivals or special occasions. Each special assembly is dedicated to a particular festival falling in a particular month. Each class is given a chance to conduct and organize the special assembly on rotation basis.

1. Celebrating the festival
2. Making the students understand the significance of each festival
3. Enrich and enlighten the students.
4. Making the students understand the traditions and culture of the country.
5. Promoting creativity of the students and the teachers.
6. Promoting maximum participation.
7. Inculcating self discipline among the students.

Overall House Activities Incharge - Activity Incharge
Date Day Theme Responsibility
01.04.2019 Mon Welcome Assembly Class Incharge - X
12.04.2019 Fri Baisakhi Class Incharge - IX
20.04.2019 Sat World Earth Day Class Incharge - VIII
06.07.2019 Sat Van Mahotsav Class Incharge - VII
25.07.2019 Thurs Kargil Victory Day Class Incharge - VI
08.08.2019 Thurs Quit India Movement Class Incharge - V
23.08.2019 Fri Janmashtmi Class Incharge - III
29.08.2019 Thurs National Sports Day Class Incharge - IV
28.09.2019 Sat Bhagat Singh Jayanti Class Incharge - II
05.10.2019 Sat Dussehra Class Incharge - I
30.08.2019 Fri Ganesh Chaturthi Class Incharge - UKG A
02.10.2019 Wed Gandhi Jayanti Class Incharge - UKG B
04.10.2019 Fri Dussehra Class Incharge - LKG
18.10.2019 Fri Diwali Class Incharge - Pre KG

Important Function 2019-20
Date Day Ocassion Teacher InCharge
20.04.2019 Sat Parents Induction Admin & Activity Incharge
27.04.2016 Sat Science Fair Science HOD
30.04.2019 Tue Labour Day Students Council Members, Activity Incharge
08.05.2019 Wed Investiture Ceremony Activity Incharge
15.08.2019 Thurs Independence Day Students Council Members, Activity Incharge
5.09.2019 Thurs Teachers Day Admin, Students Council Members, Activity Incharge
15.10.2019 Tue World Students's Day Activity Incharge
19.10.2019 Sat Diwali Celebration Students Council Members, Activity Incharge
31.10.2019 Thurs Prayer Meeting of School trustee Activity Incharge
14.11.2019 Thurs Children's Day Students Council Members, Activity Incharge
29.11.2019 Fri Annual Day Activity Incharge
24.12.2019 Tue Sports Day Sports Incharge
17.01.2019 Fri Literary Fest - Spark Kindergarten Section HOD
26.01.2019 Sun Republic Day Activity Incharge
30.01.2019 Thurs Vasant Panchami/ Martyr's Day Students Council Members, Activity Incharge
08.02.2020 Sat Adventure Camp Activity Incharge, Sports Incharge


Sports activities are part of the physical education period in the scheme of work. Over and above this, inter house sports competitions are conducted to promote team spirit and sportsmanship. Varied indoor and outdoor sports are taught by expert coaches. Students are trained by experienced teachers to develop age appropriate motor skills and a healthy physique.

Date Level Sports Groups
27.04.2019 Sat Kho-Kho (Girls, Boys) III-V
31.07.2019 Wed Football (Boys) VI-IX
21.08.2019 Wed Football (Girls) VI-X
28.08.2019 Wed Kho-Kho (Girls, Boys) VI-X
11.09.2019 Wed Kabaddi (Boys) III-V, VI-X
28.09.2019 Sat Cricket (Boys) VI-X
16.12.2019 to 24.12.2019 Sports week Athletic Events All classes
19.02.2020 Wed Surya Namaskar (Boys, Girls) I-II, III-V, VI-VIII